Tehran (IP) - Representative of the Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran, Naser Abousharif said that Iran’s government is compatible with Sunni principles and ideas.

Iran Press/Iran News: Delivering a speech in the specialized meeting entitled “Islamic unity, the secret of authority and the way to overcome global arrogance,” Naser Abousharif said that the Iranian system and government are based on consultative institutions which are in accordance with Sunni principles as well.

Disagreements are inevitable, but we should try to lessen them based on Quran, he emphasized. There is not a great disagreement between Shia and Sunni, but this fact is not reflected well, Abousharif pointed.

We need to focus on unity between Shia and Sunni and do our best for Palestine, it is all agreed that Palestinian rights are neglected, he added.

The representative of the Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a leader who is a knowledgeable manager.

Also, Deputy Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, Hossein Akbari said that today, the West has occupied the Islam world and has distributed among themselves, and said to the Islam world that your ability is limited.

Jerusalem has been occupied by the west and it is said to Muslims that you have no capacity, he added.

Akbari went on to say that our issue is the Islamic world, not Shia and Sunni, emphasizing that Palestine is our authority point and if we release Palestine, we have something to say.

Unity in the Islamic world is the basis of the future and if it is achieved, enemies will fail, he added.

Islamic revolution can be a criterion for forming Islamic civilization, he concluded.


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