Gov't spox.:

Tehran (IP) - The government spokesman said that it does not matter to Iran which US president decides to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the United States must be held accountable for the damage done to the Iranian people in return for the unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA.

Iran PressIran News: The government spokesman, Ali Rabiei in his press conference, while congratulating the Week of Unity, said: "The spirit of the initiative of the Week of Unity is a symbol that shows that this nation in its entirety is following the path of the Prophet Muhammad and can resolve differences and turn turmoil to strength."

The government spokesman said: "Unity Week should become an opportunity to think about the issue of peacemaking in the neighborhood and in the region."

The official stated: "We have always talked about the divisive influence of extra-regional powers in the region. But it should be noted that closing the way for the infiltration of the warring and divisive powers in the body of the Ummah will not be possible only with the slogan of unity."

"We must also establish mechanisms for resolving neighborly disputes at the level of regional relations," Rabiei said, noting that empowerment of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation in the region can be one of these mechanisms that can strengthen the unity of the Islamic Ummah in the region and the world."

The spokesman pointed out: "On the other hand, Unity Week is an opportunity to review our internal unifying components and the requirements that we must all adhere to in order to maintain unity."

In another part of his press conference, Rabiei told reporters: "Also, the decisions taken at the National Task Force for Combating the coronavirus, which were made in the presence of the Leader, have taken us to a new stage, the impact of the coronavirus on health, the economy and society, and even security is taking on new dimensions and expanding every day."

Emphasizing that the notion that the coronavirus will end in a few months remains a dangerous fantasy today, he noted: "Some even offered a three-year vision for public safety and security, and some saw the corona as a persistent virus. They used it like the flu, so we have critical characteristics with a long duration and a strong impact and high risk and high risk. Virus mutations are unpredictable."

The government spokesman said: "Today if until yesterday we were faced with two variables of life - health and life - livelihood, today the psychological and social dimensions and social security have been added to it so we need corona-based governance.

Rabiei stated: "The negligence and non-compliance with health protocols and instructions have been done according to the research, and also the mutation changes in the virus, which has increased the infection rate from 1.3 to 1.9, have increased its incidence."

He added: "Of course, we have a similar situation in the world. Some of our experts believe that a virus that spread from China is different from a virus that spreads from the West and Europe. At one stage, the government has allocated only 60 billion tomans to discuss scientific studies and research in the field of health and treatment. Fortunately, many scientific articles have been published by Iranians around the world.


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