Tehran (IP) - Secretary of the Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaee stated that the United States is the main barrier to Iran’s progress both before and after the Islamic Revelation and that is why the US' decline matters for Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of the International Conference on US decline, Mohsen Rezaee pointed out that Iran has new ideas in the region and the world which is in contrast to US culture and civilization.

Referring to the fact that the US humiliates nations and countries, he added: "In the last two decades we can see the US behaved based on arrogance with their own people."

"Us economy is withdrawing and lots of debts and lack of enough sources have created the economic crisis in the West," Rezaee highlighted.

"Us defense power has weakened, and they have decreased their military forces in the region and faced failure in Syria and Afghanistan," the official noted.

Secretary of the Expediency Council highlighted that the US' recent plot in uniting Iraq and Israel against Iran will face failure too.

"Moral, economic and political crisis leads to the West's collapse and consequently western values," he noted.

Rezaee stated that lack of justice and freedom is another cause of the US' decline; that is, freedom without justice and justice without freedom is only a lie.

"People’s distrust of the US means that a new trend in managing societies is needed. Next decades will be full of big crises in the United States and Europe," he pointed.

Regarding the economic condition of Iran, Rezaee stated: "The US taught us that sanctions have targeted people’s livelihood and if we want to progress during the US decline period, we need to be powerful in all areas."

The international conference on 'United States' decline' held on Monday in the ex-embassy of the US in Tehran.


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