Tehran (IP) - Reacting to a new report by the UN Human Rights Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, the Secretary-General of the High Council of Human Rights of the Judiciary of Iran said that the report had no legal basis.

Iran PressIran News: 'Ali Baqeri Kani', Deputy Head of the Judiciary for International Affairs and Secretary of the High Council for Human, said in an interview with Iran’s national TV channel (IRIB1) on Monday evening that the UN General Assembly has a political position, adding: "The special rapporteur is elected by the countries' representatives. It has a political status. Accordingly, the politicization of this report is dominating and its framework is designed based on political approaches."

Baqeri Kani stated that the new report of the UN Human Rights Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran is mainly based on the allegations, accusations, and information provided by groups affiliated with the governments with hostile approach against the Islamic Republic of Iran and are linked with terrorist groups, and this is the basis of the Special Rapporteur's report.

The official also stated that the protection of human dignity and the realization of people's rights in various fields is one of the approaches and a special view of the new period of the activities of Iran’s Judiciary, which explains the best activities of the body including that of last year in which the head of the Judiciary issued more than 60 circulars, guidelines and the regulations 20 of which focused on discussions on the protection of human rights and the rights of the people.

Earlier, Iran's representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, Mohammad Zareian rejected the anti-human rights report against Iran, calling it hostile and part of Washington's policy of maximum pressure on the Iranian people.


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