Tehran (IP) - The Chiefs of Anti-Narcotics Police of Iran and Turkey, while emphasizing the increase of interactions and bilateral cooperation, stressed the need to establish a special working group for the rapid exchange of information between the two countries.

 Iran Press/Iran news: Majid Karimi, Chief of Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police, on Saturday at the bilateral meeting of the Chiefs of Anti-Narcotics Police of Iran and Turkey (via video conference) said: "We hope that with mutual cooperation, we can see desirable and appropriate measures to combat drug trafficking."

"Unfortunately, in the new context of the outbreak of the coronavirus, we are witnessing an increase in the detection of methamphetamine trafficking from Afghanistan to Iran," he said, referring to a report released by the United Nations on the international drug situation.

In the first six months of the current Iranian year (starting on March 21), more than 10 tons of methamphetamine were discovered from traffickers, Karimi added.

Regarding the reasons for the increase in smuggling of methamphetamine from Afghanistan, the Chief of Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police stated: "In addition to the production of opium, morphine, heroin, and cannabis in Afghanistan for about two years, methamphetamine is also being produced due to its cost-effectiveness and low production costs in this country and its suitable market in European countries, Southwest and East Asia."

Karimi noted that Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police is ready to activate simultaneous border patrols and form an intelligence working group between the officers of operations and information of the Anti-Narcotics Police of the two countries to exchange the latest news and announces the available information.

Ebrahim Haghi Saeed Oglu, the head of Turkish anti-narcotics police, also said in the meeting: "Since the coronavirus epidemic due to the closure of land and air borders, drug trafficking to Turkey is mostly done by sea, and fortunately, this year, with the appropriate measures of the anti-narcotics police, we are witnessing a decrease in the import of opiates from Iran to Turkey."

Referring to the role and position of the Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police in the region, he noted: "We seek to enhance bilateral cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking with the Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police."


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