Tehran (IP) - The Head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran's help and support for the Bosnia government and people.

Iran Press/Europe: The Head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic, said on Friday during a meeting with Reza Qelichkhan, the new Iranian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, that the friendship of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the country and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been proven in difficult times.

"We appreciate the help of the government and the people of Iran."

Recalling the long-standing cultural relations between the two nations, the Head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina added: "Relations between the two countries are rooted in centuries and now hundreds of volumes of exquisite Persian manuscripts from past centuries are preserved in the library in Sarajevo which the most of the works belong to by prominent Bosnian writers who have fluency in Persian.

Referring to the good relations between the two countries, the Iranian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina said that there are many cultural commonalities between them.

"The Leader, the government, and the people of Iran have a special interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina's people," the ambassador highlighted.

Reza Qlichkhan, on October 20, met Abdulah Skaka, the Mayor of Sarajevo. Skaka, in meeting with Qlichkhan appreciated Iran’s embassy to provide the ground for cementing ties between Tehran and Sarajevo municipalities and discussed the ways to expand ties between the two sides in the different fields of cooperation.

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