Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Persian Gulf region must choose between peace or instability.

Iran Press/Iran news: Referring to parts of his remarks at the UN Security Council virtual meeting on the situation in the Persian Gulf, Zarif tweeted on Wednesday ‌in Arabic: “We can choose to remain captive to the past, and that tension and insecurity continue, or to choose a life of peace, security, growth, and prosperity for all. The choice should be clear to everyone.”

UN Security Council meeting initiated by Russia, which holds the rotating presidency of the UNSC, was held at the level of foreign ministers on Tuesday, and Mohammad Javad Zarif also spoke as one of the member states of the Persian Gulf.

Zarif referred to the "Hormuz Peace" (HOPE) initiative proposed by the Iranian president at the UN General Assembly last year, calling the United States the largest military weapon supplier to the region.

"The HOPE initiative means that every country in the region is assured of peace, stability, and prosperity in our neighborhood,” said the Iranian foreign minister. “HOPE is based on the commitment of all governments to promote mutual understanding, peaceful and friendly relations and cooperation of all countries and peoples in the Persian Gulf region.”

Zarif stressed: "This initiative relies on the responsibility of every country in the region to ensure peace, stability, and well-being of its neighbors and the benefit of all. Wrong solutions such as buying the security from others, gaining security in exchange for the insecurity of neighbors, and gaining regional hegemony have had dire consequences."


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