Thousands of Israelis demonstrated outside the official residence of the Zionist Regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night, resuming the weekly protest against him after emergency restrictions were lifted.

Iran PressIran news: The protests, which have taken place throughout the summer, were curtailed last month after Israeli authorities imposed new lockdown regulations in response to a resurgent coronavirus outbreak.

They blocked Israelis from traveling to Jerusalem al Quds to protest and allowed people only to attend hundreds of smaller demonstrations within one kilometer of their home.

The protesters gathered in central Jerusalem al Quds and marched to Netanyahu's official residence, holding banners calling on the embattled premier to "go" and shouting "revolution!"

Scores of smaller demonstrations were also held across Israel and organizers claimed some 260,000 people participated nationwide.

The protesters say Netanyahu must resign, saying he is unfit to lead Israel while he is on trial for corruption charges.

They also say he has mishandled the coronavirus crisis, which has sent unemployment soaring.

Israeli health officials say the new restrictions have brought the infection rate down and Israel is set to begin easing the lockdown on Sunday by reopening daycare centers and some businesses.

But a full reopening is expected to take several months.

Unemployment, including people on open-ended furloughs, has soared to nearly 25%, according to official figures.

Many of the protesters include business owners, entrepreneurs, and workers who lost their jobs.