The Iranian ambassador to Minsk and the Minister of Industry and Chairman of the Belarusian side of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between Iran and Belarus reviewed the latest state of cooperation between the two countries in various economic sectors.

Iran PressEurope: Iranian envoy Saeed Yari, in a meeting with Belarussian Minister of Industry Piotr Parkhomchik, expressed his hope that due to the long executive record of the Belarussian Minister in the field of industry, the process of industrial cooperation between Iran and Belarus will be pursued more rapidly.

Parkhomchik also stressed the need to accelerate the development of industrial cooperation between Iran and Belarus and announced his readiness for any cooperation in this field.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to make the necessary arrangements for holding the 15th meeting of the Iran-Belarus Joint Economic Commission in the near future.


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