Exhibition of Iran-Portugal 500 years' relations opens in Lisbon

A conference and exhibition of documents on 500 years of historical relations between Iran and Portugal began on Thursday evening with the reading of messages from the foreign ministers of the two countries in Lisbon.

Iran Press/Europe: The message of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reads: "Holding an exhibition of joint historical documents and a conference to review five hundred years of historical and cultural relations between Iran and Portugal in the context of continuing problems and limitations caused by the Corona pandemic, shows the importance of these historical and friendly relations."

Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva also said in his message: "Diplomatic relations between Portugal and Iran date back to the sixteenth century. The first Portuguese to reach this region (Persian Gulf) was during the unification of Iran under one religion during the Safavid rule. The first foreign ambassador to Iran, appointed in 1513, was of Portuguese nationality."

The Portuguese Foreign Minister added: "Despite the initial start, along with some problems that showed with the arrival of Alphonso Albuquerque in the Persian Gulf region and after the conquest of the island of Hormuz, relations between the two countries, then developed, and over the next centuries it was a valuable one based on diplomacy and trade."


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