Tehran (IP) - Iran's president said that all medical staff across the country make sacrifices, and I call on the people to thank the medical staff in practice, and that is to wear a mask."

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the meeting of the National Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus on Saturday, Hassan Rouhani thanked the medical staff and related organizations for their efforts, saying: "During the seven months and a couple of weeks that the medical staff has been dealing with this disease, they have worked hard, and these people should be appreciated. Of course, some parts have made more efforts and care that the Ministry of Health is supposed to encourage."

"I want the Iranian nation to thank the medical staff in practice," he said, stressing: "We urge people at least to use a mask. If the mask is used, social distance has complied, and protocols are followed, this is an appreciation in practice. Everyone knows what a burden it is on the medical staff."

Referring to the inauguration of projects mainly in the field of producing vaccine and medication raw materials on Thursday, the president went on to say: "There was a statistic that we have been looking for a vaccine for 30 years, in the last three years we have achieved it with a new method and relying on our scientists. Special thanks to all the knowledge-based companies and those who work to make medical equipment and vaccines, which in many cases have made us needless to import."

Rouhani thanked the country's economic sector, noting: "It was said this morning that the economic situation in Germany is minus 5.2, that their economy has shrunk, and their economic growth is negative. Germany is a developed country that is not sanctioned. Certainly, our economy is in a better position than this figure, and our growth is positive or if it is negative, our situation will be better than the situation in Germany."

Referring to the digital economy sector, he said: "In the first six months of this year, our actions have multiplied compared to previous years. Importantly, steps have been taken in the field of e-economics and digital economics. In the current situation, we must reduce the presence, and its way is to utilize more electronic and digital economy."


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