Tehran (IP): A member of the presiding board of Parliament said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Majlis tries to improve people’s livelihood through Electronic Cards.

Iran PressIran News: On the sidelines of Wednesday’s parliament, Hosseinali Hajideligani, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, said that MPs do their best to make some changes in people’s living conditions.

Hajideligani added that the plan of improving people’s livelihood through supplying essential goods was suggested in the previous parliament, but could not get enough votes.

Hajideligani reiterated that through the plan, credit cards are given to people who are under the economic pressure to purchase 20 necessary items.

In recent years, 14 billion dollars (each dollar 42000 Rials) was allocated to provide essential goods, but due to mismanagements, the plan could not affect people’s livelihood well, he added.


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