Suicides among active members of the US Army have increased by 30% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Iran PressAmerica: Data from the first three months of 2020 indicated that military suicides were on the decline, but numbers began shooting up in the spring when new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus were put in place.

The Pentagon refused to provide 2020 data or discuss the issue, but Army officials said discussions in Defense Department briefings indicate there has been up to a 20% jump in overall military suicides this year. The numbers vary by service. The active Army’s 30% spike — from 88 last year to 114 this year — pushes the total up because it’s the largest service. The Army Guard is up about 10%, going from 78 last year to 86 this year. The Navy's total is believed to be lower this year.

Referrals to mental health providers spiked 48% among those in the Wounded Warrior Project between April and the end of August compared to the previous five-month period, according to AP.

Numerous studies have shown that restrictions and lifestyle changes put in place in response to Covid-19 have led to a serious worsening of mental health, with a recent poll finding that young Americans—who make up most of the US military—have suffered more serious negative impacts compared to older counterparts.