Islamabad (IP)- The Mustafa Ummah Unity Conference was held in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, with the participation of Islamic scholars and representatives of Pakistani religious parties.

Iran PressAsia: Representatives of religious groups stressed the need for unity among Islamic groups and the creation of an atmosphere of equality and brotherhood at the conference of the Ummah of Mustafa (PBUH) on Sunday.

Participants in the conference called for countering the plots of the enemies of Islam to strengthen religious differences among Islamic groups.

A statement in 10 paragraphs was read at the end of the conference of the unity of the nation of Mustafa (PBUH), emphasizing respect for Islamic sanctities, support for the oppressed, and non-recognition of the Israeli regime.

"Pakistani scholars will never recognize the Zionist regime and will continue their efforts to support the oppressed, especially in Palestine and Kashmir," the statement said.


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