Tehran (IP)- The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran reiterated Tehran's determination to the peaceful use of nuclear technology in the fields of health, agriculture, food, and radiopharmaceuticals.

Iran Press/Iran News: "International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons provides an opportunity to correct and modify the global tyrannical mentality concerning the peaceful use of nuclear energy," AEOI tweeted on Saturday.

"Today, many countries have resorted to the use of nuclear energy, but the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a transparent approach, has demonstrated more cooperation with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. this issue proves the rightfulness of using this energy for the Iranian people," it continued.

"The  Atomic Energy Organization of Iran with an outlook based on the peaceful use of nuclear technology has promoted its scientific programs in the areas of health, agriculture, food, radiopharmaceuticals, stable isotopes and etc," the body highlighted."

In a precise and determined manner and sanctions imposed on  Iranian nuclear scientists will not interrupt Iran's nuclear program strategic principle," the organization tweeted.


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