Tehran (IP) – Iran's Energy Minister, Reza Ardakanian said that a common project at the Regional center on urban water management which has a new technology in wastewater recycling finishes till 2020.

Iran Press/Iran news: Utilizing non-conventional water, researching, and training are the main aims of the project, Ardekanian added.

The ministers of the countries participating in the 11th meeting of the Regional center on urban water management also expressed their views.

Minister of state for energy affairs of Qatar, Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, reported on the latest achievement and how far they have worked on the project.

Minister of water resources of Iraq, Mahdi Rashid AlHamadi, also referred to the challenges they faced in urban water in Iraq and said that since more than 95% of water comes from out of Iraq, the importance of new technologies in wastewater recycling project for Iraq is highlighted.

Minister of water resources of Bangladesh, Zaheed Farooque, and deputy minister of agriculture and forestry of Turkey Akif Ozkaladi also reported their country’s achievement in the above project.

Minister of water resources of Syria, Tammam Radd, highlighted the importance of urban water management by referring to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic had proved the importance of water and sanitation for Syrian people more than ever.

Eight projects are on the list that two projects in urban water management will finish till the end of 2024, some till the end of 2021, and some by the end of 2020, Ardakanian concluded.

The 11th meeting of the regional center on urban water management was held by the participation of 16 countries and ten international institutes via video conference aiming to discuss the cooperation in programs and projects.

The regional center of water management is active in the west and south Asia, which is the only international organization investigating water issues at the ministers' level.

The ministers from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, and deputy ministers of Germany, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Oman, Switzerland, Egypt, and India are participating In the virtual meeting.


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