The Deputy Secretary-General of the Al-Wefaq Society of Bahrain called the signing of the agreement between Bahrain and the UAE a compromise with the Zionist regime and a historic crime.

Iran Press/Middle East: Shaikh Hussain Al Daihi, deputy secretary general of the Al-Wefaq Society in Bahrain, said on Wednesday that the regimes of Bahrain and the UAE, which took steps to normalize relations with the Zionists, had committed a heinous crime because they are trying to legitimize the Zionist regime.

The deputy secretary-general of the Al-Wefaq Society in Bahrain stated that the normalization of relations with Israel violates all the rights of the Palestinian people and is in conflict with international resolutions.

Shaikh Hussain Al Daihi stressed that a compromise agreement with the Zionist regime is a fall for those who compromise and that the Bahraini people do not accept such humiliation.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Al-Wefaq Society said that the Bahraini people will forever remain in the same stronghold with the Palestinians.

The UAE and Bahrain signed a normalization agreement in the presence of US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night after announcing a compromise agreement with the occupying regime in al-Quds.


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