Tehran (IP) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday evening that the cooperation of the three branches of government and their coordination can help solve the country's problems and solve problems faster especially amid sanctions and the Corona outbreak.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Rouhani said in a press conference after meeting of Iran's heads of 3 branches of power: "The meetings of the heads of the three branches were held for the first time today after the formation of the 11th parliament and we discussed the country's important issues, mainly economic ones."

He described the issue of currency as one of the issues discussed at the meeting and added: "How non-oil export currency should be supplied in the country and the currency needed by the country should be provided were among the issues discussed in the meeting."

Rouhani added: "We also discussed liquidity issues and what programs should be implemented and operational sooner to direct liquidity in the country to reduce inflation."

He said: "In the field of investment and removal of barriers to production, which is also emphasized by the Leader, we had good discussions and it was decided to continue these events."

Rouhani also announced the review of regional issues and the related problems at today's meeting of the heads of 3 branches of government, adding: "The conspiracies that the United States and Zionism have planned for the region today and how we should pursue regional issues and maintain regional stability and security and interactions were all reviewed today.

Attending the event along with President Rouhan and the chief of Iran's Judiciary Ebrahim Raisi, Iran Speaker of the Parliament Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said at the press conference called

the fields of industry, agriculture, trade and export, and all sectors as other topics that were examined in this very meeting.

"There is coordination, empathy, and good cooperation in solving economic problems. Today, the reality is that the most important concern is to solve the problems of the people in different sectors. ", highlighted Majlis Speaker.

Ebrahim Raisi, the head of the judiciary as another participant of the meeting, stressed that today, the enemy seeks to disappoint the people in the social and economic spheres and disrupt our society through waging economic, psychological, and media wars, and the cooperation of three branches of government and the depletion of the entire capacity of the country is an inevitable necessity."

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