Tehran (IP) - The new school year has begun amid the coronavirus pandemic and the Ministry of Education's officials have emphasized that all health protocols are implemented to facilitate the presence of students.

Iran Press/Iran News: Schools across Iran have resumed their activities while observing health protocols.

Social distancing, wearing masks, disinfecting classes, and checking students' temperature are among the steps taken in an art school in District 2 of Tehran.

In this regard, the Head of the school in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said: After reopening of schools in all white, yellow, and red zones, schools have started observing health protocols like disinfecting classes.

Based on surveys done in this school, most parents prefer E-learning to in-person learning.

The Head of an Elementary school in district 2 of Tehran also in an interview with Iran Press said:

Classes are held on odd and even days with half of the capacity of each class, and while half of the students are attending school, the rest of them are busy with E-learning at home.

While parents are worried about their children's health, school principals are doing their best in observing health protocols in various places such as yard and classes.

Since the importance of education cannot be neglected, students can benefit from learning opportunities with the full observation of health protocols.


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