News sources reported on Friday morning that huge explosions rocked the Zarqa province of Jordan.

Iran PressMiddle East: Several explosions occurred early Friday in a Jordanian military base warehouse where unsuitable mortar bombs were being dismantled, authorities said.

The warehouses are in an isolated area east of the city of Zarqa, a government spokesperson and the armed forces said. The surrounding area was sealed by security forces.

The Jordanian government said the blast took place at a military barracks in the al-Ghabawi area of al-Zarqa province.

A Jordanian government spokesman attributed the blast to an electrical short circuit.

The area of the explosion, some 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the capital Amman, is home to a series of military facilities.

Residents in the area shared images of the explosion and reported windows of homes in Zarqa being shattered.

The Jordanian army also said there were no casualties in the blast.

However, some Jordanian sources claimed that two people were killed and three were injured in the blast.

Zarqa has witnessed several explosions in the past, often caused by old munitions and fires in warehouses.


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