Minister: Stability of stock market in interest of country

Tehran (IP)- Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said that capital market conditions are commensurate with the general conditions of the economy.

Iran PressIran News: Addressing the press on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Farhad Dejpasand referred to the stock market situation, saying: "We had a period of boom, and it's been weeks since fluctuation increased."  

Dejpsand noted: "Fluctuation is in the nature of the stock market and stock market activists should think of the market as medium and long term. In the current situation of stock exchange industries, their real growth in August was over 2%, because they are surveyed companies. We received the best approvals for the capital market during this period."

Dejpasand went on to say: "If listed companies increase their capital, by depriving them of the right of priority, they can calculate 20% of taxable income at a zero rate. This is an excellent score and a positive signal. We have created the best situation in the last few years in terms of rules and regulations and facilitating entry and exit in the capital market."

The Minister of Economy said: "State-owned companies and the public sector are obliged to offer 25% of their shares by floating. So far, regulations have been enacted to make the activity of the stock exchange more prosperous."

Dejpsand emphasized: "Stock exchange activists and people are worried, but they should react with patience. We must have calculations in the capital market. In the stock market, calculations of periods count not the calculations of moments."

He emphasized: "The necessity of the stability of the stock market is that we all move with patience. Today, one of the inevitable necessities of Iran's economy is the stability and deepening of the capital market. The economy needs a deep capital market."

The Minister of Economy highlighted: "Another recent decision is to allocate one percent of the inputs of the National Development Fund to the Capital Market Stabilization Fund. It had been approved since 2015, and it was finally decided that this approval would be implemented."


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