Iranian Gov't Spox:
Fighting coronavirus, sanctions; struggle for national survival

Tehran (IP) - Iran’s government spokesman has said that the fight against two strains of the virus, including coronavirus and sanctions, was a struggle for national survival.

Iran PressIran News: Addressing the press on Tuesday, Iran's Government Spokesman, Ali Rabiee said: "Our fight against the two strains of virus, sanctions and coronavirus is a fight for national survival. We must both promote education as a routine and pursue health. In our decisions, we must make taking care of our children's lives one of the top priorities and decisions, and education must not be shut down.”

Rabiei added: "All the dualities of life and bread, life and mourning, life and education are tests that we must be able to pass successfully together. We can say that these are national tests for all of us.”

No Iranian child should be deprived of education

Pointing to the children’s health and education as issues raised this week and last week in the government and the National Task Force for Fighting coronavirus, Rabiei stated: “Our nation and government are fighting a multi-dimension coronavirus issue.”

The Iranian government spokesman stressed: “The coronavirus mutated into wildlife, and economic and terrorist sanctions originated in the wrong minds of the United States. These two have influenced our policy and we need public compromise, greater understanding, and public cooperation to deal with these two strains of the virus.”

He added: “Today, hard-working teachers are at the forefront of this struggle, and the relationship between teachers and students and with parents and the government has entered a stage where we must experience education with these conditions this year.”

Pointing to the public concerns regarding the Iranian new school year, Rabiei emphasized: “The National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus has considered all aspects of its decisions about schools, including the future of students, the need to move and receive better education, the practice of socialization, and the practice of using e-learning in childhood.”

He also noted: “With the appropriate decisions, the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus has addressed both education and educational justice, as well as public concerns”

“Another issue raised in the government about school and children was that no student should drop out of school,” Rabiei said, adding: “The President stressed that no Iranian should be deprived of education. In coordination with the Planning and Budget Organization, the Ministries of Welfare and Education were urged to follow up on the enrollment of children in primary school deprived of educating due to economic or cultural reasons or due to disability.”

He also noted that the ministries are urged to contact each and every family and talk so that no Iranian child would be deprived of school."  

Iran-IAEA enjoy transparent cooperation

The government spokesman Ali Rabiei stated that Iran attaches particular importance to constructive international ties noting IAEA officials' trip to Iran was fruitful and indicated that Iran's cooperation with IAEA is transparent.

Stressing the US breaching international laws, the spokesman added the US Secretary of State insists to restore sanctions against Iran.

Iran continues its constructive ties with neighboring and world countries, he noted, adding that Iran's policy showed US isolation.

The government spokesman went on to say that the US economic sanctions along with the coronavirus negatively impacted the country but together we can counter them.

Regarding the new school opening year, Rabiei said the learning process should not be stopped.  Students while are educating, must also improve their social interactions and get to know more how to work in cyberspace.

We are determined to continue respectful interaction with countries, international organizations

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei expressed: "In recent days, we have witnessed a new and progressive stage in the development of constructive and effective international interactions, which was reflected in the recent visits of senior IAEA officials as well as the presence of the European delegation in Iran."

"These diplomatic moves are another sign of the United States' failure to carry out its destructive plots, which aimed not only to destroy JCPOA but also to a multifaceted invasion of multilateralism and international law."

Rabiei noted that the US Secretary of State announces that he intends to impose outdated Security Council sanctions against Iran; The same sanctions that the members of the Security Council unanimously opposed and considered impossible for the United States to reverse.

He stressed: "Ignoring these senseless threats and shows, we are determined to continue to interact with respect and goodwill with all countries of the world and international organizations to defend the rule of law and common international norms in the face of this unprecedented insurgency."


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