Brigadier General Kioumars Heydari

Tehran (IP)- The commander of the Iranian army's Ground Forces said that the treasure of the Holy Defense (8-year Iraq-Iran war) is an inexhaustible treasure with which one can confront the enemy's cultural ambush.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the inauguration of the new building for Islamic Republic of Iran's Army Ground Forces Preservation of Works and Dissemination of Values of Holy Defense, Brigadier General Kioumars Heydari said on Sunday morning: "In the ground forces, the most important components that we believe in are the values of the Islamic Revolution such as justice-seeking and meritocracy, and we believe that it is the straight path of the Islamic Ummah that prevents us from going astray."

Heydari added: "Today, in the geography of love and self-sacrifice of the ground forces, there are 46,000 stars, each of which able to lead society to divine promises. Today, we are sitting in the shade of a tree rooted in the blood of 46,000 martyrs, and it is obligatory to mesmerize them. The treasure of sacred defense is an inexhaustible treasure with which one can confront the cultural ambush of the enemy."

The commander of the Army's Ground Forces pointed out: "With the support of the martyrs and the Holy Defense, we must respond to the enemy's ambush and stand against the enemy's cultural front. Today, we are at the beginning of a very long path. Relying on God, soldiers of the cultural arena must hold the flag of the martyrs in hand and move forward."

"We are committed to defending and supporting soldiers of the cultural arena," Heydari stressed.


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