Tehran (IP) - Iran's Government Spokesman, Ali Rabiei stated that the US Secretary of State just dreams to restore sanctions against Iran after the US double defeat at UN Security Council.

Iran Press/Iran news: "The US arrogant regime has proven that its failures won't stop them daydreaming," Ali Rabiei said at his weekly conference on Tuesday in response to Iran Press' question on the consequences of US' implementation of Snapback mechanism against Iran.

Iranian Government Spokesman stressed that international rules can never be replaced with threats, and the US insistence on the way does not change the fact.

The opposition of the world's nations to restore sanctions against Iran at the UN Security Council was enough to prove the US' bullying, he noted and added that nothing new will occur after 30 days.

Monitoring each country's manner, Iran will respond appropriately to those who follow the US unilateralism, which it considers as breaching international community consensus under international law, the spokesman warned.

The dispute between the US and members of the UN’s Security Council over the reimposition of UN sanctions on Iran has thrown an engine of postwar multilateralism into paralysis, many international experts warned, according to Financial Times.

The Trump administration after the last failure in the UNSC argues that UN sanctions on Iran should come back into force 30 days after its decision last month to reimpose them under the terms of a nuclear accord from which it withdrew two years ago.

But the other four permanent members of the Security Council — China, France, Russia and the UK — oppose a US move they say lacks legal standing because Washington has left the UN-backed accord.


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