Thousands of Zionist residents of occupied al-Quds protested against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night in various parts of the city, demanding his resignation due to poor performance.

Iran Press/Middle East: The main demonstrations took place in Caesarea in front of Netanyahu's residence in occupied al-Quds, and those present condemned his cabinet's inability to manage the corona crisis and demanded his resignation due to corruption cases and poor performance, according to the Palestine Information Center on Sunday.

Demonstrations in occupied Palestine against Netanyahu's policies began several months ago and are still ongoing. The Black Flag movement is one of the main organizers of the protests against Netanyahu.

During last night's demonstration, some Hebrew-language sources reported that Netanyahu's driver aimed his weapon at the demonstrators, threatening them as he passed in front of them. Demonstrators have filmed the scene.

The Lebanese Al-Ahed news site also highlighted in a report by Sarkis Abouzeid on Wednesday, September 26, that the Zionist regime and it's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are currently facing three major challenges and crises.

According to Abouzeid, the ruling right-wing in Israel is currently facing a series of crises, the declining popularity of Netanyahu's Likud party, a request for his trial on corruption charges, and criticism of his mismanagement of COVID-19.

Netanyahu is now primarily concerned with the continuing protests and then with young people protesting in large crowds, as well as with the opposing right-wing members, according to this report.

Netanyahu's wife has previously been tried for corruption and convicted of abusing public properties.


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