The attack of the ISIS terrorist group on the shrine of Ibrahim bin Malik al-Ashtar in the Dejail area of Salah al-Din province in Iraq left 13 killed and wounded.

Iran Press/Middle East: According to Iraqi sources, elements of the ISIS terrorist group, under the cover of darkness, targeted the shrine of Sheikh Ibrahim bin Malik Ashtar in the Dejail area of Iraq's Salah al-Din province.

Three policemen and three popular mobilization forces were killed and seven civilians were injured in the attack.

Despite the defeat of ISIS in November 2017, some elements of this group still carry out terrorist operations in some parts of Iraq from time to time.

According to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, in May and June 2020, about 419 ISIS-linked terrorists were arrested in operations by Iraqi forces.

On 26 July, Iraqi Army and Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) launched an extensive operation against the remnants of the ISIS (Daesh) terrorist group in Diyala Governorate, south of Iraq backed by the Iraqi Air Force, encompasses areas from northeast Diyala to the borders of Salah al-Din Governorate.

The joint operation follows intelligence monitoring of ISIS hideouts in the area.

ISIS has intensified its terrorist attacks against Iraqi security forces and civilians in the eastern, northern, and western provinces of the country since May this year.


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