Tehran (IP) - Oil sell or presale plan has been suggested but it has not been finalized yet, the Minister of Petroleum Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sideline of the ceremony for signing 13 contracts, Oil minister Bijan Zanganeh attended a press conference and responded to Iran Press question regarding the sale of oil securities which has been offered in parliament yesterday’s session.

Zanganeh noted that there are two issues in this regard; one is the plan to sell or presale the oil which has been suggested in a meeting of the heads of three branches of government. Nothing has been finalized yet and the result will be announced by the president.

"The second plan is to sell Islamic Securities for the plans that we had today. These cannot happen immediately. They must be discussed through the time," the minister added.

Bijan Zanganeh, Iranian oil Minister, on Monday at the signing ceremony of the contracts of the second phase of the plan to maintain and increase oil production, said that Iran is ahead of its neighbors in all major joint oil fields in terms of production capacity, and emphasized that Iran does not wait for foreigners in the development of its oil fields.

Today, the Iranian oil industry has signed 13 contracts worth roughly €1.5 billion with 14 local firms to enhance and maintain oil production.


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