Biden leads in latest election poll ahead of party conventions

The latest poll in the United States shows that Biden is 9 percent ahead of his Republican rival.

Iran Press/America: The latest poll, conducted jointly by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, shows that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is 9 percent ahead of his Republican rival Donald Trump. The result of this survey is taken from the results of different parts of America.

Fifty percent of voters chose the former vice president as their candidate in the upcoming presidential election. While only 41% of Americans have declared their support for Donald Trump.

Contradictory policies, corruption, unpredictable behavior, and mismanagement have reduced Donald Trump's popularity.

Political analysts say Trump's poor record in the face of the Coronavirus crisis and his disastrous performance, along with his controversial stance on recent anti-racist protests in the country, could easily lead to his failure in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.


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