Diplomatic sources report that the United Nations Security Council rejected a US-sponsored resolution against Iran.

Iran Press/America: The United States has reportedly only been able to win the support of one member of the Security Council for its draft resolution.

Only the Dominican Republic has voted in favor of extending Iran's arms embargo. China and Russia have voted against, and 11 other members have abstained.

The Trump administration has backed away from a hardline resolution on Iran that risked alienating UN Security Council allies, and will instead present a “clean” version to extend an arms embargo due to expire in October.

Despite the changes, Security Council members are still expected to reject the effort, which will aim to extend an arms embargo on Iran indefinitely due to end on October 18, when it is set to expire under the terms of a landmark nuclear deal agreed in 2015 with Tehran.

Iran's Mission to the United Nations on Aug 14, described the US proposed resolution to extend Iran's arms embargo as part of its domestic policy, calling on members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to stand firm against US illegal and malicious action.