Tehran (IP) - Foreign Ministry spokesman said that extension of the arms embargo on Iran is a threat to the UN Security Council.

Iran Press/Iran News: Spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, on Monday in a press conference with reporters explained the latest developments in the foreign policy and answered reporters' questions.

Regarding the extension of the arms embargo on Iran, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "The extension of Iran's arms embargo is a threat to the UN Security Council and Americans want to weaken, destroy or subjugate the legal mechanism of the Security Council."

Commenting on the US resolution extending the arms embargo on Iran, which is due to be voted on by the Security Council on Tuesday, Mousavi said that when they face failure, they relate everything to everything, especially the current regime in the US Administration which is a master of relating irrelevant things.

In response to a question about the Beirut blast and the new wave of protests in Lebanon and Iran's position on the recent developments in the country, the senior diplomat said: "It was a big incident and it is natural for people to be upset and it will have consequences, but if some individuals, groups and foreign countries use the incident as a pretext for political purposes it is unacceptable."

"We have to look a little deeper into this incident and then judge," he said, noting that some countries hypocritically tried to show their support for the Lebanese people and sympathize with them. I said that if they are honest, they should lift the sanctions against the Lebanese government and people.

"It is natural for people to be upset. It seems that some people are seeking goals with foreign provocations. The Lebanese nation has suffered in the past, and it is appropriate to allow the authorities to address the affairs in order to take care of the suffering of the people who were injured in this tragic incident," Seyyed Abbas Mousavi went on to say.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman about the news on the seizure of the Iranian tanker in Pakistan said: "As far as we have checked, nothing has been officially announced to Iran in this regard and we have not received any official news about the seizure of the Iranian ship, but from relevant departments, we are following up and receiving the news, and after determining its accuracy, we will announce the accurate information. We have not been informed by the Pakistani authorities yet."


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