Kish (IP)- A part of Pardis shopping center caught fire this morning (Sunday), and firefighters immediately arrived at the scene and contained the fire.

Iran PressIran news: District officials said the cause of the accident is being investigated, but apparently the "fire" was caused by an air condition electric connection fault and intensified with as it transferred to the clothing booth.

Pardis shopping center (1) is one of the largest and oldest markets on Kish Island.

This market was built in consultation with the most famous French architects in the European style and attracts many tourists. 

In the space between the entrance of Pardis 1 and Pardis 2 shopping centers, a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris has been installed.

Pardis shopping center was opened in 1992 on two floors with more than two hundred commercial booths on a land area of 12,000 square meters.

Pardis shopping center 1 booth activities include the sale of home appliances, clothing, cosmetics, audio-visual, and etcetra. 


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