Hong Kong District Chief Executive Carrie Lam

The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on 12 Hong Kong officials in the wake of Washington's hostile actions against China.

Iran PressAmerica: Hong Kong District Chief Executive Carrie Lam is one of the people on the US sanctions list.

US-China relations have been strained in recent months by Washington's interventionist stance on developments in Hong Kong, as well as repeated accusations by senior US officials against Beijing over the global corona epidemic.

The Chinese parliament recently ratified the Hong Kong National Security Act.

The law targets separatists and those who intend to carry out terrorist operations and interfere in Hong Kong affairs.

Hong Kong has seen anti-government protests in recent months, and protesters have been able to sabotage some government buildings in the area.

Instead of condemning the protests, the United States and its allies have criticized the way Chinese security forces have dealt with protesters, arguing that if Beijing does not respect freedoms in Hong Kong, it will have to wait for the serious consequences of its approach.


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