Middle East (IP) - Lebanon's health minister stated that the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is at the forefront of helping the catastrophe-stricken people of Beirut by constructing an equipped field hospital to provide emergency remedial service for the wounded.

Iran Press/Middle East: Hamad Hasan visited the field hospital and the health observant units of the IRCS in the Lebanese University campus in Hadath.

Iran is the first country to provide a full set of helping units, medical teams, health-care aid, and pharmaceutical items to help the wounded, he added.

Lebanon's health minister and chief of the University of Lebanon thanked the "altruist, compassionate and kind people of Iran, who sympathize with the catastrophe-stricken people of Lebanon."

He also appreciated the rapid reaction of the Iranian Red Crescent Society who represents the people and government as the first national unit to come to Lebanon with health-care aid, equipment, and a full medical team.

Iranian Red Crescent's first humanitarian consignment contains 95 tons of nutrition and pharmaceuticals with a field hospital that was dispatched to Lebanon on Wednesday.

Beirut suffered a powerful blast on Tuesday.

Iran is the first country to send a medical team to Lebanon which comprises 37 people consisting of GPS, orthopedists, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, neurologists, nursing specialists, surgery room experts, and field hospital experts.

In the first phase of dispatching this consignment, the IRCS has sent 1300 72-hour food packages, 265 30-day food packages, two 50 kW-electric motor devices, and 200 body bags weighing about 13 tons.

This humanitarian consignment was sent following the request of Lebanon's Red Cross Chief George Kataneh.


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