During a meeting between the Consul-General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Nakhchivan Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini and the Prime Minister of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Sabuhi Mammadov on Thursday, the two sides discussed expanding Nakhchivan's cooperation with neighboring provinces in Iran.

Iran Press/Asia: During the meeting, the consul-general of Iran congratulated Sabuhi Mammadov on his appointment as the new prime minister of Nakhchivan and on the recent Islamic holidays.

Also, the latest status of cooperation between Nakhchivan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially with the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan, was reviewed. 

Referring to the importance of Nakhchivan's longstanding ties and cultural, religious, and historical commonalities with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the prime minister stressed: "These areas connect our destiny and we are interacting with each other."

Noting that Iran is a large country with experience and capabilities in various fields of production, Mammadov expressed hope that with more efforts, the level of economic relations will increase and reach the expected level between the two sides.

He added: "For this purpose, we hope to see an increase in trade and economic relations between the two countries in the post-corona era."


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