Tehran (IP) - Iran's Vice President and Head of the Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation sent a message of condolences on the anniversary of the tragedy of Mina.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Ouhadi commemorated the memory of the Muslim victims of the Mina tragic stampede around the world and the martyrdom of hundreds of Iranian pilgrims. 

Ouhadi flashed back to the brutal massacre of the Hajj pilgrims in 1987 by the Saudi regime and asserted that the tragedy of Mina in 2015 showed that Al-Saud is not qualified and competent to manage the holy places of Islam.

He said amidst the Muslim countries' silence and passivity in the face of the catastrophe, the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei decisively and authoritatively reacted to the Saudi regime's crime and highlighted the regime's disqualification in managing the Mecca holy places.  

The Iranian vice president highlighted the Leader's emphasis on explaining different aspects of the incident and said explaining the true essence of the Saudi crime for the Muslim world is a sign of truth-seeking and justice-seeking process, with its serious and inclusive effects in the past as well as in the future.


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