Arak (IP) - The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the top three countries in the world in the research projects of COVID-19 after the United States and China, the deputy minister of health said. 

Iran Press/Iran News: Kamel Taqavinejad on Wednesday at a provincial meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Arak, Markazi Province, said: "Several research projects in the field of coronavirus have been accepted from Iran and are under consideration."

"To support research on COVID-19, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has allowed the withdrawal of $1 billion from the National Development Fund, 30% of which has been allocated to the universities," added the official.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the countries that have a good record in the field of combating the coronavirus," the deputy minister of health said.

According to the latest statistics, so far, nearly 300,000 people in Iran have been infected with the coronavirus, and around 260,000 of the total infected people have been discharged so far.


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