Tehran (IP) - In a message on the occasion of Hajj, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei underlined that Hajj is an exercise of power against the arrogant who is the center of corruption, oppression, killing the defenseless and looting.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a message on Wednesday on the occasion of the Hajj, said: "Hajj has always been the occasion of feeling the dignity, greatness, and blossom of the Islamic world, which this year is experiencing the sorrow and regret of the believers and the feeling of separation and the failure of the eager."

"Hearts feel homesick from the nostalgia for the Kaaba, and the separated are embracing tears and sighs. This deprivation is short-lived and will not last long god willing, but its lesson, which is to appreciate the great blessing of Hajj, must be sustained and free us from negligence," Leader said.

The leader's message added:" We must feel and think more than ever, the secret of the greatness and power of the Islamic Ummah in the all-encompassing and diverse group of believers in the sanctuary of the Kaaba and the Prophet mausoleum (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Imams of Al-Baqi' Cemetery (as) this year."

The Abrahamic Hajj; the nature and spirit of true Hajj

Ayatollah Khamenei underlined that Hajj is an exercise of power against the arrogant who is the center of corruption, oppression, killing the defenseless, and looting, and today the body and soul of the Islamic Ummah are afflicted and oppressed by their oppression and malice.

"Hajj is a demonstration of the hard and soft abilities of the Ummah. This is the nature and spirit of Hajj and part of the most important goals of Hajj; This is what the late Imam Khomeini called the Abrahamic Hajj; and this is what can solve the great problems of the Islamic world if those in charge of Hajj, who call themselves the custodians of the two shrines, sincerely obey it and choose God's will instead of pleasing the US government," Leader said.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution made the remarks that today, as always and more than ever, the obligatory convenience of the Islamic Ummah is in unity; a unity that created unison in the face of threats and enmities, and bravely shields against the US and the Zionist regime and against the bullying.

Western ideologies on the verge of collapse

The Leader stressed that today more than ever this fundamental transformation is at the disposal of the Islamic Ummah and the sympathetic and prudent elite and noted that today the Islamic awakening which means the elites and the Muslim youth must pay attention to their epistemological and spiritual assets, is an undeniable fact.

"Today, liberalism and communism, which one hundred years ago and fifty years ago were considered the most prominent gifts of Western civilization, have completely undermined and their incurable defects have become apparent; The system based on that one has collapsed, and the system based on the other is in deep crisis and on the verge of collapse," Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said.

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted that today, not only the cultural model of the West - which emerged from the beginning with shame and disgrace - but even its political and economic model of money-based democracy and discriminatory class capitalism has shown its inefficiency and corruption.

Consider all Muslim nations as our brothers, and treat non-Muslims with kindness and justice: Leader said

Ayatollah Khamenei underscored that today, there are many elites in the Islamic world who, with pride and honor, challenge all the epistemological and civilizational claims of the West and explicitly show the Islamic alternatives. He said:" Today, even some Western thinkers, who used to arrogantly present liberalism as the end of history, are forced to retract that claim and admit their theoretical and practical confusion."

Consider all Muslim nations as our brothers, and treat non-Muslims with kindness and justice

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader of the Revolution, stating that we consider all Muslim nations as our brothers, and treat non-Muslims who have not entered the opposition front with kindness and justice, added that we consider the grief and suffering of Muslim communities as our suffering and try to remove it.

"We make it our constant concern to help oppressed Palestine, to sympathize with the wounded body of Yemen, and to care for the oppressed Muslims anywhere in the world. We consider it our duty to advise the leaders of some Muslim countries; rulers who, instead of relying on their Muslim brother, take refuge in the arms of the enemy and endure the humiliation and coercion of the enemy for a few days for personal gain, and auction off the dignity and independence of their nation - those who accept the survival of the oppressive Zionist regime and openly and secretly shake hands with them - we advise them and warn them of the bitter consequences of this behavior," he emphasized.

US presence in the West Asian region cause of insecurity and destruction

The Leader stated that we consider the US presence in the West Asian region to the detriment of the nations of this region and cause of insecurity, destruction, and backwardness of the countries. Regarding the current developments in the United States and its anti-discrimination movement, our firm position is to stand with the people and condemn the cruel behaviors of the racist government. 101/205

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