Gebran Basil, the leader of the Lebanese Al-Tiar Al-Watani Al-Hurr party (Free National Movement) and former foreign minister, stressed his support for Hezbollah in its fight against the Zionist regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: Basil said: "Neutrality is one of Lebanon's aspirations, but it needs strengths, and this requires dialogue on the issue of Hezbollah, and the agreement of "Mar Mikhaël" (between Hezbollah and the Free National Movement) explains all about it; "I oppose using the issue to complete the siege against Hezbollah."

He stated: "As the (former) Minister of Foreign Affairs, I pursued the policy of keeping Lebanon out of problems one hundred percent, and all my positions have been in the interests of Lebanon. This accusation against me that I implement the policy of Hezbollah is false because we are united with this party in politics."

Gebran Basil then noted: "There is a constant aggression against us, and if the equation of power is not at work, can we talk about [oil] and gas [Lebanon in the coastal waters] [which Israel covets] with Israel?" Why should we lose this? We are not involved in a regional conflict, our position on the border issue is clear; We must not lose the power to defend Lebanon; So this is in the same framework against Israel and its defense strategy.

He stressed: "Our understanding with Hezbollah is about matters related to Lebanon, not regional matters; We are constantly standing by Hezbollah to confront the Israeli enemy."

Basil said: "We rely on Lebanon to stand up and get out of the crisis by building its economy and financial policies, and we have good relations with all countries; Iran, Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, etc."

He underlined: Is there anyone in Lebanon who does not speak secretly with Hezbollah even the Lebanese forces (affiliated with Samir Geagea) are doing this and trying to talk to Iran; I know what I'm saying.

Referring to the presence of Syrian refugees on Lebanese soil, he said that there is a real challenge against Lebanon and Syria and that it is a major shortcoming of the international community to tell refugees that they will stop aid if they return to Syria.


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