Middle East (IP)- Israeli sources reported on Monday noon that "an incident" has taken place on the Israel-Lebanon border.

Iran PressMiddle East: The incident comes amid heightened tension between the Hezbollah resistance group and the Zionist state after a senior Hezbollah official was martyred in a strike that has been attributed to Israel in Syria.

Israel has beefed up its troop presence along the borders with Lebanon and Syria in recent days an air raid on Damascus on Monday – believed to have been carried out by Israel – killed five foreign fighters, including a member of the Lebanese group.

Hezbollah warned Israel it might retaliate, but said that it would not give clues as to when and where. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Monday that the Israeli forces are ready for any scenario" and warned that Lebanon would pay the price for any provocation by Hezbollah.

It was unclear whether the incident on Monday was part of that response and whether it was perpetrated by Hezbollah but Israel has issued a mandatory order to residents of the north to "shelter-in-place" to avoid casualties.

Security Council Resolution 1701 which was adopted after the end of Israel's 33-day war with Lebanon in 2006, warns the Zionist regime of hostile actions against Lebanon; however, this regime violates Lebanese airspace, land, and sea by disregarding this UNSC resolution.


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