Kermanshah (IP) - Exports of Iranian goods to Iraq through the Somar border resumed on Monday.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Kourosh Mahmoudian," the governor of Gilan-e-Gharb in Kermanshah province west Iran, referring to the ban on the export of goods through Somar border since March due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, said: "Following the order of the Iraqi Prime Minister, the Somar border is reopened after a few months of closure."

Mahmoudian added: "Today, on the first day of reopening, construction goods were exported to Iraq from the Somar border."

The governor of Gilan-e-Gharb stated that every Sunday and Wednesday, 500 trucks of goods are exported to Iraq.

He pointed out: "The border market of Somar can play an important role in the economy of Kermanshah and Diyala provinces so that in the last one year, more than 100 items of goods have been exported from the Somar border to Iraq.

The Somar border bazaar has shortened the distance of goods from Iran to Baghdad, and most of the goods now export to the eastern provinces of Iraq in this way.


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