Tehran (IP) - In a letter to the Foreign Minister, Iran's Prosecutor-General called for legal action against two US fighter jets for attacking an Iranian airliner.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad-Jafar Montazeri wrote in a letter to Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister, "The United States has once again added another disgrace to its black record against the Islamic Republic of Iran." 

He added, "According to the statements of the Civil Aviation Organization and Mahan Airlines, the flights on this route have been carried out for more than a decade as planned and are subject to aviation laws and regulations. The dangerous and terrorist activities of the United States has been done in violation of the rules of international law and the Chicago and Montreal conventions, which must be seriously pursued through various legal, judicial and political means to deal decisively and instructively with the American government and deal with it nationally and internationally."

The Prosecutor-General stated: "For this purpose, it is necessary for the executive bodies, including the Civil Aviation Organization and Mahan Airlines, to actively cooperate with the Syrian government and the ICAO in implementing Annexes 13 and 17 of the Chicago Convention and receive the report of the investigation of the accident as soon as possible and take the necessary legal measures following the Chicago Convention."

Montazeri added, "To help the passengers who suffered physical and mental injuries from this terrorist incident, as well as other damages and to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, a complaint should be filed and the necessary measures should be taken and the issue should be followed up until a result is achieved. In this regard, the Prosecutor-General's Office is involved in the matter and declares its readiness for any cooperation."

On July 23rd, Iran's Mahan Airlines passenger plane, which was flying from Tehran to Beirut, was harassed by two American fighters while crossing Syrian airspace.


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