Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and international affairs announced that the investigation of the Ukrainian plane crashed will be finished within the two or three coming days.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohsen Baharvand said Iran fulfilled all that was obliged to do in the plane crash accident according to the national and international regulations.

"At the time of the accident, we invited countries whose nationals had lost their lives to participate in the investigation, in which we hosted large delegations from all the relevant countries, especially Ukraine and Canada," Baharvand said.

He also referred to the victims' families and said as, for the victims of the accident, their survivors were given the necessary access to forensic medicine and to see the laboratories.

The official said Iran invited the relevant parties to start reading the black box immediately and extracting its information, yet the investigation coincided with the coronavirus outbreak and delayed.

The Iranian delegation will leave for Kiev on July 29 and 30, to negotiate and consult with the Ukrainian side, according to Baharvand.


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