Tehran (IP)- China's former ambassador to Tehran said the US fears Iran-China 25-year plan and their close relationships.

Iran Press/Asia: During the video-conference on Iran-China 25-year plan of cooperation, Hua Liming said Iran-China position is strategic but the US tries to deface it before public opinion via introducing them as its own enemies.

Noting that Iran-China ties strengthened after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he added that before the revolution, the two countries' relationships were poor but after that, no problem has halted their mutual economic, trading, and international relations.

"The only problem is the very US that always warns China not to close ranks with Iran," the Chinses former diplomat added, saying that the two states are independent and decisive in their relationships mainly politically.

Though Iran-China has long friendly ties, yet the ties require to be deepened more than before, noted Chinese college professor in the video conference.

Ha said Iran-China can also extend their technical and cultural relationships even they can have common hospitals. In cultural aspects as long as it plays a key role to make two nations closer together, literature works can be exchanged between the two countries.

Some other Chinese officials delivered video speeches in the conference and stressed on Iran and China's mutual long-lasting ties in all fields.

The two days online conference kicked off today (July 20) at the International Association of Muslim Universities Professors, in Tehran.

As a clear roadmap for future relations between Tehran and Beijing, on June 21, 2020, the final draft of the 25-year plan for the Comprehensive Document on Cooperation between Iran and China was approved by Iran's Government, which covers all areas, including oil, gas, and electronics.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, regarding the 25-year deal between Iran and China, said: "According to the 2015 agreement between the Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People's Republic of China, Hassan Rouhani and Xi Jinping, which is reflected in the sixth paragraph of the statement of the visit of Chinese President to Tehran, the two countries explicitly expressed their political will to develop and deepen the strategic relationship."


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