Tehran (IP) - "Coronavirus is one of the most dangerous and unknown viruses that have entered the human societies, and none of the world's top virologists have predicted its future," Iran's Health Minister warned.

Iran PressIran News: In a press conference on Tuesday in Tehran, Iran's Health Minister Saeed Namaki said: "Due to the sanctions and many problems in the country's economic situation, in the first phase of the disease, we had a difficult period and huge problems, thus with the help of all the people, non-governmental organizations and the sacrifices of the medical staff, we were able to create a great achievement. Death tolls reached about 30 people a day, and we were moving toward single digits mortality."

"I have said many times that we are playing chess with an unknown virus and normalization of the situation and this delusion that the Coronavirus is over is one of the most dangerous ideas," Saeed Namaki told reporters, adding: "A new wave has engulfed us in very important and border provinces, West Azerbaijan, Ilam, Khuzestan, Bushehr, Sistan- Baluchistan were affected."

The Minister of Health said: "Today, we have reached a more favorable situation in provinces such as Kurdistan, KhuzestanBushehr, and Kermanshah, but it still does not mean that we have overcome the disease."

"Wearing a mask and keeping social distancing can make us more than 80 percent immune against Coronavirus. We have to take social distancing seriously and not travel,"

Namaki called on all people to continue to fully and carefully implement health protocols in order to prevent the re-outbreak of the disease.

Warning that elderly people are more vulnerable to the COVID-19, the Health Minister reiterated that it is wrong to think that going to a party and leaving grandparents at home will keep them away and safe from the virus because when their grandchildren return from the party, they transmit the virus. 212/ 207

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