In post-revolution Iran, June 26 to July 3 is known as the US-styled Human Rights Week, recalling several assassinations of Iranians and mass murder by the US-supported terrorist group Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO or MEK).

Iran Press/ Iran news: Apart from terrorist attack inside Iran,MKO in Iran-Iraq 8 Years war with Support of the US and Iraqi Baath regime was very active.

In the year 1988 On 27 July, MKO operatives carried out a large-scale operation, aiming to conquer the border cities in the west of Iran including Kermanshah.

They thought that Iranian people are tired of war and because of the 8-year-imposed war, they are not able to confront them, so they thought they could hit Iran with the Help of Saddam."

The MKO members enjoying the facilities that Saddam had provided them, waged a large-scale war in Iran's western regions.

Mersad Operation was the last major military operation of the Iran–Iraq War, ending in a decisive victory for Iran.

The operation involved a successful counterattack against the military incursion from Iraq, by a military force of about 7,000 members of the MKO.

The MKO has a dark history of assassinations and bomb attacks against the Iranian government and the Iranian people. It notoriously sided with Saddam's regime during the eight-year war with Iran.

In the past four decades, more than 17,161 Iranian citizens, including almost 200 high-ranking political figures, among them one President, one Prime Minister, one Judiciary Chief, one Deputy Chief of Armed Forces and 27 MPs, as well as four nuclear scientists, have been martyred by foreign-backed terrorist groups.


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