Tehran (IP)- Attending US Human Rights Conference held in Tehran via video conference, the US lecturers called the deaths of 500 black babies in the state of Alabama an indication of institutionalized racism in the United States.

Iran PressAmerica: Referring racism is not new in the United States, but it has historical roots, Lakita Bailey the Georgia university lecturer on Saturday evening added that racism is seen in American laws and policies of the medical system, the education system, housing, and all social spheres, politics.

Bailey noted that the US police violence against blacks as a serious case of human rights violation and said many black Americans fear the police and not feeling safe.

The next speaker of the conference Reza Roumi, New York-based college lecturer also pointed to the brought-coronavirus problems and anti-racism protests in American society and added the United States is facing 120,000 deaths, many illnesses and millions of unemployed people due to the Coronavirus.

Referring to the current uprising and police violence against Americans that have stemmed from racism, Roumi said to crackdown the protesters, President Donald Trump called them "terrorists", while they have the right to protest.

Amina McCloud from Chicago Depaul University, Joe Feagin Texas University, Louis Gordon University of Kentiget, and Ajmo Baraka, Ajamu Baraka of the American Human Rights Network and Stanley James Arizona University delivered a speech at the American Human Rights Conference in Tehran. 212/ 104

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