Tehran (IP) - Palestine ambassador noted that he has had a clear position and he will not give even an inch of Palestine land in Gaza and West Bank.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech at a commemoration ceremony of Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, Palestine ambassador in Tehran, Saleh Zawawi noted that there is no Palestinian family who does not have a martyr or injured.

He also added that we are in the school of Jihad and martyrdom and my position has been explicit in this regard.

In this ceremony, members of Expediency Council Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel also referred to the characteristic of Ramadan Abdullah and said that he has understood the basis of the Islamic Revolution and has moved in this path.

"In the last 41 years, the US and the Zionist regime did not want the Islamic Revolution to go beyond our country and even does not be successful even in the country," he highlighted.

"We must be aware of the situation and overcome conspiracies and introduce our revolution to the world through the language of Islam," he noted.

"Fighting with oppression and creating the Islamic government are our aims in negotiation with the Islamic world," Haddad Adel added.

"We want to keep a distance from the western lifestyle and western domination," he concluded. 207

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