France wants talks with NATO allies to talk about Turkey’s increasingly “aggressive” role in Libya, a presidential official said on Monday.

Iran PressEurope: A Turkish source said on Monday that the Tripoli government was discussing possible Turkish use of two military bases in Libya, with a view to establishing a lasting Turkish presence, according to Reuters.

Turkey, which backs the internationally recognized government in Tripoli, has secured a foothold in Libya by helping to repel an assault on the capital by the Libyan National Army (LNA) of eastern commander Khalifa Haftar, who is backed by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Russia.

In a statement on Monday, the ministry said that “foreign interference, in particular the intensification of Turkish support”, including what it said was a violation of the arms embargo, was thwarting efforts to secure a ceasefire

“These interferences are becoming very problematic and, despite our efforts, the situation is getting bogged down. This increasingly aggressive posture is not acceptable,” the presidential official said.

“Turkey is supposed to be a NATO partner, so this cannot continue.”

Asked what Paris had in mind, the official said there would be discussions soon with Turkey and other NATO partners.

NATO defense ministers are due to hold talks on Wednesday and Thursday.


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