Israeli journalists are trying to divert attention from regime's crimes like Netanyahu’s corruption by portraying Palestinians as enemy to beat down, chastise and blame.

The Israeli media, which has largely supported Netanyahu’s devastating wars on Gaza, continues to relentlessly defend the illegal occupation of Palestine and to serve as a shield for Israel’s stained reputation on the international stage. But this media do not have the same enthusiasm to provides decent coverage for the Netanyahu investigations.

In an article published in Al-Monitor without a single verifiable citation, Israeli journalist, Shlomi Eldar, went to unprecedented lengths to divert attention from the corruption in this regime and instead claimed that a Palestinian journalists – all speaking on condition of anonymity – who “applauded” and “admired” Israeli media coverage of corruption scandals surrounding the right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One would think that seeking Palestinian admiration for Israeli media should be the least urgent question to address at this time.

And, why is it that, while Netanyahu is being indicted for bribery, no Israeli official is ever indicted for war crimes against Palestinians?

Israeli police say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife should be charged over alleged bribery cases


In fact, well before Netanyahu’s corruption scandals included more serious charges – for instance, quid pro quo deals in which his advisers tried to manipulate media coverage in his favour and offering high political positions in exchange for favours – it included bribes pertaining to fancy cigars and expensive drinks.

What Israelis are trying to claim is that, despite all of its problems, Israel is a good, transparent, law-abiding and democratic regime.

Thousands of Palestinians have been tortured, and hundreds were killed under duress in Israeli prisons. Moreover, according to the Palestinians Prisoners’ Club, 60 per cent of Palestinian children arrested by Israel are also tortured.

If Israeli media was truly honest in its depiction of Netanyahu’s corruption, it would have made a point of highlighting the extent to which corruption goes well beyond the prime minister, his wife and a few close confidantes, but instead, the heart of the discussion is relocated somewhere else entirely.

Israeli police say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be charged over alleged bribery cases.

A number of close associates of Netanyahu’s, including his two personal lawyers, former chief of staff and former media adviser have been arrested or questioned in the cases.