Tehran (IP)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi stated that South Korea's blind obedience to the United States and blocking Iranian property in this country under the pretext of US sanctions is not acceptable at all.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi on Monday in his weekly press conference pointed to FM Zarif's visit to Turkey and Russia saying, "After changing the situation of Coronavirus, it was necessary to pursue diplomatic relations so closely that Zarif traveled to two important countries in the region, Turkey and Russia, after traveling to Syria."

Mousavi said: "the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister has talked with the Canadian Deputy Foreign Minister about the crash of the Ukrainian plane and the issue of resolving the problems of Iranians and providing them with consular services. Unfortunately, the Canadians, despite their claims of paying attention to Iranians, have made problems for hundreds of thousands of Iranians in Canada and disrupted our consular services, which we have told them at different times and in different languages that we are ready to provide consular services. This is being done now, but it is there are some problems for our nationals that we hope the obstacles will be removed."

In response to a question about Iran's property being blocked in South Korea, Mousavi said, " We have been pursuing the demands of the Islamic Republic of Iran from South Korea for a long time. Unfortunately, as I have said many times, South Korea has damaged our good and intimate relationship for more than half a century with the intervention of third countries."

Mousavi also added, " Our nation and our businessmen have always had a good relationship with different parts of South Korea, but South Korea's blind obedience to the United States and blocking Iranian property in this country under the pretext of US sanctions is not acceptable at all because it is not legal."

The spokesman for the diplomatic apparatus pointed to the meeting of the virtual executive committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and said: "The new and heretical action of the Zionist regime to annex the West Bank was raised in the meeting attended by the Deputy Foreign Minister and Iran's views and positions were discussed. Following the meeting, a resolution was ratified that the Zionist regime was strongly condemned.

Iran never minds who takes office as US president

Abbas Mousavi also said that Iran's policy is not to interfere in other countries' interior affairs and that it is not so important for the country who or which party takes office of US administration.

"We've tried their [US] behavior over the last 40 years, and one by one it's worse. It doesn't matter to us who comes to power," Mousavi said.

"The US themselves know the reason that we do not accept any negotiations with them and that is their lack of commitment and imposing economic pressure on our country," the official added, pointing out to the US' recent demand for negotiation with Iran," he added.

"Iran’s main rule for negotiation has not changed, the official highlighted and stressed that the US must stop economic terrorism and return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), like other members, and also compensate for the damages it caused for Iran," Mousavi noted.

He also added that the US presence in every country brings war and insecurity for that country and that Iran would not be worried to see the US' exit from the region's countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said the US is not in a position to tell other countries to have normal behavior.


The US not in a position to recommend countries normal behavior

Abbas Mousavi responded to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's comment on that the US pressure on Iran goes on as long as the country's behavior turns normal and remarked, by saying: "After its abnormal and unusual behaviors in the past and recent months, the US is not at all in a position to recommend anyone act like a normal country," the Iranian spokesman noted."

Mousavi noted the US is not a normal country and with a normal behavior in the international atmosphere because its pressure on either the friend countries or other countries indicates no normal behavior. 

"To not be ridiculed in the world, the US had better not to utter such words about Iran," he added.


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